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Exterior Painter in Raleigh ncIf you wait too long to get the exterior of your home painted, it could be damaged by the elements, necessitating additional repairs. These repairs can cost far more than your painting project, so we at CLH painting recommend that you get your home’s exterior painted roughly every seven years, depending on your home, the weather, and many other variables. High quality exterior painting is important as it makes your home more beautiful but it also is a vital piece of protection against the elements that can damage your home.  Our painting experts will come to your home and let you know what we can do to make sure that your property lasts for years to come.

exterior painting companyIf you’re interested in exterior painting services because your home is going on the market, let us know. We are well-versed in providing expert recommendations to help your home stand out from the other homes for sale in the Raleigh area. A fresh coat of paint can make the your house pop and create a much newer aesthetic.  Along with exterior painting services, wood repair and refinishing, deck refinishing, fence painting, and other construction-related projects are often recommended in order to fetch the maximum value from your beloved home.

CLH Painting’s Exterior Painting Process

Exterior Painting in Raleigh North CarolinaIt is crucial for the health of your exterior painting project that the right products and the right manufacturer’s specifications are used during the painting of your home. Certain paints react better to wetter or sunnier climates, so even the positioning of your home can change the ideal combination of paints. CLH Painting guarantees that all necessary steps will be taken to provide you with a quality exterior painting job as the end result.

Our exterior painters will work to make sure that we leave your property significantly better than we found it, including laying drop cloths, cleaning up any messes, and being kind and polite to the homeowner. While this last item might be expected to be self-evident, many exterior painters forget that our number one job is making sure our customers are happy. Our exterior painting crew will always be kind, polite, and flexible.

What Makes Our Exterior Painting Service Different

An example of an exterior painting project CLH painting completedFor years, Clay Harvey and his expert crew of painters, garage floor epoxy experts, and professional power washers in have been providing customers with the very best home services in Raleigh and surrounding areas. Our team has the knowledge, drive, and ability to make sure that your project is done on time and for an acceptable price. We also make sure to keep the work area clean so you don’t have to worry about tripping over supplies and can leave your home in our care knowing that it will look better than it was originally.

Painting homes in the Raleigh areaWe have a team who understands that you have numerous choices for painting, power washing, and garage floor epoxy. With that being said, we strive to regularly provide our clients with the most transparent, informative, and helpful service as humanly possible. By offering the highest level of respect to the homeowner and their property, using top-notch products and paint, and, last but not least, offering extensive insight on industry-related questions and concerns, you can be sure will go above and beyond to deliver the best client experience possible. If you are on a tight budget, please let us know. We offer cost-effective services that may be the best option for you.

exterior house painting companyOur team is full of experts in garage floor epoxy, painting, and power washing, and we utilize our expertise daily, meaning that we’re up to date on all the newest and most efficient techniques to complete your project with a minimum of mess, fuss, and complication. Whether you need exterior painting, power washing, garage floor epoxy, or a combination, our crew will be able to help you out!

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CLH Painting project in the raleigh areaIf you believe that it has been too long since the exterior of your home was last repainted, contact CLH Painting. Our expert exterior painters will come to your house and give you an estimate, and once they start painting they will be courteous and professional. We guarantee that your exterior house paint is applied correctly so you have a home you can be proud of for years to come. Contact us today online or at 919-795-5481 to learn more!


A clean surface is essential for a paint job. From damage wood to excessive flaking or peeling, we will get the job done.

Power Washing

Every surface will be painted and power – washed. All mold, mildew, dirt and debris be removed and good adhesion, from the new paint, will be applied.


Any loose or flaking paint will be scraped, sanded and removed.


All bare wood areas will be primed with a quality exterior primer so all finish paints will adhere correctly.


From siding to door frames, all gaps will be caulked. We use at least a 52 year or better caulk to keep moisture and water out of the house – no more rotting!

Paint Exterior

Paint all exterior surfaces with a quality exterior paint that stands up to the elements of nature.

See how we bring out the beauty of your home.

We take great care and pride in accentuating the beauty of our clients’ homes and businesses. Following the process outlined above, along with our developed expertise, we’re able to breathe new life into the projects we work on.

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