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How to keep your garage floor clean from oil, grease, and dirt


Why Choose Garage Floor Epoxy in Raleigh?

Whether you use your garage to keep your car safe from the elements, store seasonal items, or use it as a workspace, you want to keep it looking clean and neat. After all, your garage is still a part of your home!

Garage Floor Epoxy services in RaleighIf your car has ever leaked a bit of oil that seeped into the concrete and left a stain, or you’ve dropped a heavy item that left a chip, you know that once the concrete is damaged, it’s almost impossible to restore or keep looking nice.

Fortunately, Raleigh garage floor epoxy can solve many of the problems associated with a concrete garage floor. Unlike exterior paint that simply covers up stains, offers no protection against dings and chips, and wears out over time, epoxy is a long-lasting solution to keeping your garage beautiful. Made of a thermosetting resin, once this liquid is applied to a surface, it cures and hardens, leaving a thick, heavy-duty coating that lasts for years.

This durable, attractive garage floor coating lays over existing concrete and protects it so unsightly cracks and dingy stains will be a thing of the past. If oil spills or leaks onto the coated floor, it wipes up easily, and a knocked over bike or dropped tool won’t cause chips or dings.

Our Garage Floor Epoxy Services

CLH Painting confidently uses commercial-grade Armor Seal Rexthane by Sherwin Williams as our garage floor epoxy in Raleigh homes and businesses. Armor Seal is a one-component epoxy that requires minimal surface preparation, even on damaged garage floors, and goes on smoothly and quickly.

Putting epoxy on a garage floorUnlike DIY epoxy kits at hardware stores, Armor Seal Rexthane provides amazing resistance against hot-tire pickup. This occurs when heat from tire tread warms the garage floor coating and bonds to the tire. As the coating and the tire cool, the tread pulls at the coating, removing small pieces from the floor or even causing larger sections to peel away. We don’t see this with commercial-grade epoxies, especially not Armor Seal.

Blending beauty with function, Armor Seal is available in several attractive colors, letting you find the perfect color for your home. Once it cures, it offers a beautiful, high-gloss finish often seen in showrooms. Not only will this make the garage look lovely, it even adds value to your home!

Additional qualities to Armor Seal Rexthane include:

  • Excellent resistance to chemicals, impacts, and abrasions
  • Resistant to yellowing, staining, or fading
  • Cures quickly to a hard, durable surface
  • Low volatile organic compounds (VOC)

Our team has applied Armor Seal Rexthane garage floor epoxy in Raleigh homes for several years with incredible results. Be sure to check out our gallery page to see more of our before-and-after garage floor epoxy projects.

Common Areas for Epoxy Application

While Raleigh garage floor epoxy services are common, we offer epoxy application for several areas in your home or business.

Raleigh NC garage floor epoxy providerFor residences:

  • Garage floors
  • Storage areas
  • Covered patios
  • Retaining walls

For businesses and commercial buildings:

  • Warehouse floors
  • Commercial floors
  • Garage or workspace floors

Common Garage Floor Epoxy Questions

How durable are epoxy garage floors? 

Epoxy garage floors are resistant to nearly everything including bleach, oil, transmission fluid, gasoline, cleansers, and many other chemicals unlike bare, uncovered concrete and other paints that are commonly used on garage floors. Along with that, because epoxy can be applied directly on concrete and other garage floor surfaces, installation costs are typically lower than other routes.

How long does garage floor epoxy last?

Garage floor epoxy typically lasts anywhere from 2-4 years, though that timeframe can change depending on how well it’s maintained. When determining the lifespan of garage floor epoxy, one thing to keep in mind will be the overall use of the floor. How many vehicles, the size of the vehicles, the amount of traffic the floor receives, and the overall maintenance of the floor are all factors worth taking into consideration.

How do I maintain garage floor epoxy?

When it comes to maintenance, it is highly recommended to regularly sweep and thoroughly clean the floor. Deep scrubbing should be performed a few times per month while sweeping should be performed daily or even multiple times per day. If you notice any scratches or scrapes on the floor, contact a garage floor epoxy expert as soon as possible in order to avoid further damage.

Is garage floor epoxy a DIY job?

Absolutely not. Garage floor epoxy projects need to be handled by an experienced professional, as the hardening chemical process is intricate. If the garage floor is not prepared correctly before applying the epoxy, it will likely need to be redone, which can quickly become costly. Stay clear of those avoided extra costs and contact a professional!

Is my new garage floor ready for epoxy?

In order to reduce alkalinity and moisture levels, it is best to let the newly-poured concrete cure for 30 or so. Because garage floors can be very moist in nature when freshly poured, it’s imperative that your epoxy garage floor professional has experience with testing the PH level as well as the moisture level of the concrete. This is something to touch on when vetting prospective professionals. Avoid peeling and bubbling epoxy by asking about these aspects!

Contact CLH Painting for Garage Floor Epoxy in Raleigh

If you are ready to transform the look of your garage and add value to your home, contact CLH Painting today for your Raleigh garage floor epoxy services. Our experienced team specializes in applying Armor Seal Rexthane in even the most difficult or uncommon circumstances, and you can rely on them to do the job right. We also provide exterior home painting and power washing services to give your home a fresh, clean look! Contact us today at 919-795-5481 or online to learn more!

Common applications of Epoxy Flooring:

Residential Garage Floor Epoxy

Garage Floors
Storage Areas
Covered Patios & Landings
Retaining Walls

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Commercial Floors

Take a look at what we can do with a garage floor. Below are before and after shots of our previous Garage Floor Epoxy jobs.

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  • Garage Floor Epoxy Before and After in Raleigh
  • Raleigh Garage Floor Epoxy Before and After
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