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At CLH Painting, we understand that power washing is a must for getting longevity out of your home’s exterior paint. If you leave the exterior of your home dirty and grimy, your paint will more quickly degrade and be rendered less effective at sealing your home. When that happens, you may see large-scale structural damage as the wood or stone rots or erodes away under the paint.

This term, power washer is usually denoted for a washer that delivers a powerful stream of hot water at a steady flow rate. It is the temperature of the water that determines whether it is suitable to be called a power washer or not. One can achieve specific temperatures by using the thermostat gauge and because of the high temperature and pressure, it is possible to remove otherwise adamant objects such as chewing gum from sidewalks.

What is Power Washing?

Power washing a wood home

Power washing is the removing of surface material including but not limited to mud, mildew, mold, dirt, grease, and excessive amounts of pollen (depending on your geographic location) from exterior features of your Raleigh home. Power washing is executed by spraying heated water in a pressurized manner. Power washing uses heated water in order to break down contaminated materials from your property, which is typically much more effective when compared to run-of-the-mill pressure washing that uses water that is of regular temperature. Power washing machines can be very dangerous if they’re not used appropriately. Rather than try to complete a power washing project by yourself, it is recommended that you hire a professional. It’s imperative to power wash an area from the appropriate distance to avoid damaging the material being tended to.

Why Do You Need Power Washing Services In Raleigh?

All exterior surfaces of a home need to be pressure washed every year to keep the painted surfaces free of mold, mildew, dirt, pollen, and debris. Mold, mildew, and dirt on a house speed up the breakdown of the paint that is on the exterior of your house. In addition, on a purely aesthetic level, it is good to have your Raleigh home’s exterior power washed yearly in the late spring to prepare for the hotter but less pollen-filled summer. This not only helps keep the exterior of your home sealed, but also guarantees that during the months when many people are outside that your house is looking fantastic.

Pressure Washing servicesAnother use for power washing in Raleigh is preparing your home to be sold. Much like Raleigh exterior painting, pressure washing increases the curb appeal of your home and can reap outsized benefits when it comes time to get an estimate on your home. A cleaner home can look years newer than an old and dirty home, and if you combine this with an exterior painting, your house can look brand new

There are numerous surfaces that should never be power washed under any circumstance including but not limited to:

  • Wood Siding

There is a large chance water will find its way underneath the exterior surface of wood siding, especially if you’re using high pressure. This can result in numerous roadblocks including water damage insulation. mold growth, and extensive damage to electrical wiring.

  • Electrical Meters and Panels 

Any type of fixture that is housing electricity should never be power washed, no matter the circumstance. The last thing you want is for water to be forced into the cracks and crevices of said fixtures, resulting in extensive and costly damage. Although these fixtures may be on the exterior of your home or yard, that does not mean they can be power washed.

  • Asphalt Shingles

Power washing the roof of your home or building is never a good idea, as you’re risking the chance to become off balance and fall off of a ladder, etc. Power washing rooftop shingles will remove their granules and substance, which are imperative for protecting your roof from not-so-ideal, rough weather conditions.

  • Lead Paint

Removing lead paint with a power washer is extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all times. Lead paint needs to be contained meticulously when removed, not carelessly blasted into the air for nearby pedestrians to breath in.

  • Out-of-date Mortar

Old brick houses, along with other landscaping surfaces, should never be power washed in order to avoid the unintentional removal of loose material.

  • Living People, Animals, and Insects 

To avoid serious injuries, never power wash humans, plants, insects, or animals. The force of a power washer’s water has been known to penetrate skin and quickly destroy plants.

  • Painted Surfaces That Need to Remain Painted

Power washing can quickly strip a surface of its paint, so be sure to subtly test a small portion of a surface before spraying away.

  • Glass Surfaces 

Never power wash any glass surfaces, such as windows. The pressure will likely shatter them, no matter how thick. This can be a major headache and inconvenience.

  • Automobiles and Forms of Transportation 

If you want to avoid dents, paint chips, rust, and other forms of cosmetic damage avoid power washing automobiles as well as other forms of transportation such as buses, helicopters, and planes.

  • Stained Wood 

Power washing has been known to pull the stain right off of wood surfaces, so be sure to keep that in mind.

Power Washers Vs. Pressure Washers – What’s The Difference?

Powerwashing company in RaleighA pressure washer depends entirely on the force of water rather than temperature. Just like a power washer, these are compatible with cleaning patios, decks, walls, and walkways but they usually do not feature a heating unit to maintain the temperature of the water. Cleaning masonry, brick, concrete, and even killing weeds and removing mildew is the most suited to a pressure washer. In fact, when there is no mold or ground dirt to contend with, a pressure washer tends to provide a quick and efficient cleaning solution.

Power washing is typically denoted for a washer that delivers a powerful stream of hot water at a steady flow rate. It is the temperature of the water that determines whether it is suitable to be called a power washer or not. One can achieve specific temperatures by using the thermostat gauge and because of the high temperature and pressure, it is possible to remove otherwise adamant objects such as chewing gum from sidewalks.

What Chemicals Are Used in Power Washing?

While every project differs case-by-case, there are several products and chemicals that are regularly used in power washing projects. A handful of those being vinegar (used for cleaning countertops, large quantities of produce, windows, as well as brass door handles and accessories), citric acid (typically used on concrete driveways as well as wood deck cleaning and removal of stains), oxalic acid (used for the removal of rust and bringing dull surfaces ‘back to life’), bleach (mainly used as a sanitizer to dissolve grease on glass and steel), ammonia (used as a glass cleaner and stainless steel cleaner), and, lastly, potassium hydroxide (used to create soft and liquified soap).

Can You Damage Concrete With a Power Washer?

Yes, you can. If you’re power washing a concrete surface at 2,500 PSI or greater at a distance of 1-inch or less, there is absolutely a chance that you could damage your property’s concrete. Rather than risk damaging your hard-earned property, contact your Raleigh power washing professionals today to receive a free quote and learn how we could be of help to you.

Can You Power Wash or Pressure Wash a Deck in the Rain?

Yes, your home or property is going to get wet regardless, so rain will not hinder the effectiveness of a power washing project.

Which Surfaces Can Be Power Washed?

Power washing is done with extensive amounts of force in order to be effective. With that being said, it is recommended that only hard exterior surfaces such as patios, decks, driveways, fences, and sidewalks are power washed. It is recommended to do small tests on hard surfaces that are painted to determine if power washing will strip the already-existing paint or not.

Can You Remove Oil Stains on Concrete From my Garage or Driveway That Have Been There For Years?

Yes, in most cases we are able to. Oil stains are known to seep through concrete and after years of resting in the concrete. This makes it much tougher to restore a brand new look, but it is absolutely possible. Some stains will be completely eliminated and others will leave a small gray stain left after the cleaning and will need to be tended to several times. Either way, your concrete will look much better after being restored and cleaned by CLH Painting & Power Washing.

Our Power Washing Company In Raleigh, NC

At CLH Painting, our team knows you have a lot of choices when it comes to power washing. With that being said, we choose every day to provide our clients with the best possible service. To that end, we offer the highest level of respect for the homeowner and their property, we use quality products, are highly-knowledgeable in the painting and pressure-washing field, and can work with your budget.

Our team is full of experts in garage floor epoxy, home painting, and power washing. We utilize our expertise daily, meaning that we’re up-to-date on all the newest and most efficient techniques to complete your project with a minimum of mess, fuss, and complication. Whether you need painting, power washing, or a combination, our crew will be able to help you out!

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If you haven’t had the exterior of your Raleigh home pressure washed in the last year, it might be time to contact CLH Painting. Our expert power washing crew will come to your house and leave it looking perfectly clean and tidy. We don’t leave any ancillary messes, and will happily discuss our processes with our customers. If you would like to learn more, you can call us at (919) 795-5481 or contact us online!

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